Quality Advantage

Netmark takes pride in delivering our clients a comprehensive quality assurance system to ensure complete accuracy and exceptional quality in the organization, document review, and summarization services for our clients. Our repeat clients’ satisfaction is our goal, and serves as validation to our effective QA process.

We further provide our clients with the knowledge that our medical summaries are not only accurate, but also are professional quality documents offering insight from a team of medical review experts.

Our QA team repeatedly screens our document processing and reports for errors at every step in the process.  We settle for nothing less than meeting or exceeding international quality standards, as well as our clients’ requirements.  We encourage frequent client feedback to be certain we deliver the highest quality effort in our litigation support services to our clients.


Our expert team consist of the following:

  • Medically Trained Reviewers: Our MRR team of experts have accumulated years of experience. Quality Assurance during the medical records review is task #1 for our team of medical and legal documentation experts.
  • Subject Matter Experts: Physicians, therapists, and legal practitioners are part of the team, all of whom are skilled in medical and legal terminology.
  • Client Account Managers: Dedicated Project Managers oversee each client’s projects, ensuring our records review deliverables are on time and accurate.
  • Modern Technologists: Our commitment to accuracy starts with our sorting and document management technology, assuring an efficient process from records retrieval to records review.
  • Quality Assurance Staff: Strict and frequent quality checks at specific benchmarks ensure errors are minimized, while accuracy and consistency are maintained at each level of the task.

Our processes are HIPAA compliant and follow all essential security protocols to be certain our documentation and reports are secure, accurate and reliable.