Product Liability / Mass Tort Assistance

Class Action: A Changing Environment


Mass tort rules and regulations change. Similarly, law firms and litigation support companies often require a wide range of methodologies for review, analysis and presentation of supporting materials.  Netmark stays up to date with new regulations, as well as client requirements, while meeting or exceeding our client’s turn-around-time needs. Regardless of format, Netmark assures the clients’ specific requests are met, regardless of format or case complexity.


Why Netmark?


For nearly a decade, Netmark has maintained a team with specific skills and experience in records preparation for mass tort and class action projects. Our expertise in document discovery, organization, data entry, and trial preparation complement our services for abstracting and aggregating varying degrees of impairment and other factors relevant to the case.  Netmark’s dedication and attention to detail assure we identify and prepare the most reliable information contributing to successful case settlements, as well as lowest possible cost of litigation.

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