Medical Records Review Services


Netmark’s Medical Records Review Services bring expert support to augment our clients’ preparedness to win cases, such as short and long-term disability, workers compensation, product liability, and personal injury. Our team of professionals are trained to organize, review, and analyze a myriad medical records, and offer detailed recommendations. We assist our clients in meeting deadlines and maintaining expert reputations for accuracy.

Our Services Include the Following

  • Screening cases for merit
  • Developing TAT (turn-around-time) estimates
  • Medical chronologies
  • Reviewing and summarizing the medical records
  • Denoting deviations from standard care practices
  • Developing personal injury summaries

The Netmark Difference

We work around the clock to ensure efficient and professional medical records reviews for health care and legal entities at the best possible value.


Netmark’s unique benefits for our clients are as follows:

  • Access to a team of trained and experienced medical-legal professionals
  • HIPAA compliance, as well as industry SOP (standard operating procedure) practices
  • Intelligence and automation in processing large volumes of medical records
  • Frequent and strict quality control measures
  • TAT flexibility, including STAT processing when necessary
  • Complete security and confidentiality for clients and all information
  • Multiple software choices

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