How Medical Record Reviews Help Independent Medical Examiners

In an independent Medical Examination, a licensed healthcare professional such as a psychologist or a doctor is expected to investigate the medical history of a claimant.1, As to his or her eligibility for additional treatment. To do so, the professional will take on the role as an Independent Medical Examiner and execute two main steps. They will perform an interview with the claimant, and then they will examine the claimant’s medical records. Medical records for any individual are not an easy read. They may come from several different sources and are often not even sorted chronologically. Independent Medical Examiners can spend hours and hours looking through medical records before getting a chance to assess them.

Professional Medical Record Reviews Can Help

The good news is that an Independent Medical Examiner does not have to tackle this task on their own. Medical Record Reviews from Netmark Medrec can be a key resource to have as an Independent Medical Examiner. Netmark offers expert medical record review services. Netmark Medrec is equipped to handle many of the incidents which might call for Independent Medical Examiners. These include workers compensation reviews and disability claims.

How Do Medical Record Reviews Work?

Medical Record Reviews from Netmark Medrec is intended to take away the tedious sorting work. This allows the Independent Medical Examiners to use their attention more efficiently. In a Medical Record review, the team of professionals at Netmark Medrec will make medical records easier to reference in a few ways.

First, the team will sort the records. Sorting can be done in two different categories. One way of organizing is to sort the medical records chronologically. As mentioned earlier, medical records are often collected from a variety of health care experts over the years. The variety of sources is especially an issue if a patient has moved location at any point. A chronological sort will gather records from all sources and place them in chronological order. This way it is easier for Independent Medical Examiners to search through recent history.

The second way of sorting is episodically. Here, the team of professionals at Netmark Medrec will look through the claimant’s medical records in search of specific keywords. This method makes it easy for Independent Medical Examiners to look for portions of the records that are relevant to the incident in question.

Once the claimant’s medical records have been sorted, they are then indexed and catalogue. This is what makes it particularly easy for an Independent Medical Examiner to quickly and efficiently find pertinent information.

Why Choose Netmark?

Netmark has been in operation for over ten years and is founded by a team of experts who value professionalism and accuracy. The goal of Netmark Medrec is to do the tedious heavy-lifting in the arena of medical record reviews so that clients can put their time towards the review of the records without stressing over the sorting. When an Independent Medical Examiner chooses to use Netmark Medrec for sorting and indexing their client’s records, they are sure to save time and energy on their case.

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