How Netmark Can Help with Mass Tort Case Screening

As an attorney, it is not uncommon to be asked to take on a mass tort case. Generally, these cases will only be worth the time and effort to an attorney if there will be an adequate number of qualifying plaintiffs with relevant cases and experiences to back up the Mass Tort. Of course, searching for and collecting these relevant cases alone is difficult. Attorneys can be forced to spend a significant amount of time and effort just looking for the right cases in a sea of potential cases before they can even start in on the rest of the work.

Search for Relevant Criteria
The Netmark Mass Tort Case Screening service starts by looking for cases that meet the criteria of the specific Class Action suit at hand. Our trained team will find cases that include relevant factors, like specific product usage and related illnesses and injuries. By collecting these cases, we can suggest to you which cases to focus on in a Class Action suit. Our data will also help you to decide whether a specific Class Action suit is worth your time.

Class Action Parameters Set By FDA/Judicial Council
When our team performs the case screening, we are looking for cases based on the specific criterion of each individual Class Action case. We consider every detail of each unique case to determine whether it is a quality case for the client’s purposes.

Organized Presentation
Once our Netmark team has completed their case screening, the team works hard to provide our client with a readable, accessible, and organized spreadsheet. One of our biggest goals is to provide as much convenience for our clients as possible. As such, we will organize all of the plaintiff cases we have deemed relevant in a way that is easy to review for the attorney. With a complete spreadsheet that is both navigable and informative, our client will be able to find and select cases to focus on moving forward in the Class Action suit.

If you are an attorney that is preparing to take on a Mass Tort Class Action suit and want the burden of case screening lifted, consider turning to Netmark Medrec for our Mass Tort Case Screening services. Our team is equipped with experienced personnel who are ready to find you quality, relevant cases that can support a Mass Tort case.

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