Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

If you’re ever injured or harmed at the fault of another, you may be in position to file a personal injury lawsuit. There are a number of things that could qualify, from slipping on a wet floor in a restaurant to getting bit by a neighbor’s dog. These are the most common types of personal injury cases that may call for the guidance of an experienced attorney.

Car Accidents

Hundreds of thousands of people are injured or killed each year in auto accidents, making this one of the most common categories for personal injury cases.  The auto accidents category includes those involving trucks, pedestrians, motorcyclists, or bicyclists. In most cases, these accidents are the fault of an individual failing to follow the rules of the road and instead driving recklessly. If you’re injured in such an accident, you may be entitled to compensation from the person at fault.

Medical Malpractice

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see negligence and malpractice of a medical professional lead to injury. Common cases of medical malpractice include mistakes with treatment, misdiagnosis, and mistakes made in surgery. There are lots of different scenarios that may qualify as a medical malpractice personal injury case.

Slip and Fall

By law, property owners are required to keep their property safe. Sometimes hazards such as spilled liquids, ice, or warped walkways can cause a person to slip or trip their way into an injury. A slip and fall accident could happen in many different locations, from grocery stores to restaurants to a public swimming pool. If a property owner is found liable for the cause of injury, it may count as a personal injury case.

Dog Bite

Like a slip and fall accident, a dog bite accident is a premises liability, meaning it’s a personal injury that comes from a dangerous condition or situation on another person’s property. In most situations, a dog’s owner is financially responsible for injuries caused by a dog, whether or not you’re on their property when it happens.

Defamation Case

Everyone knows that words can hurt just as much as sticks and stones. If your reputation has been harmed with libel and slander by another, that person may be financially indebted to you. In most cases, building a defamation case just requires proving that another person’s untrue and negative statement caused you financial loss.

Workplace Accident

Employers are required to provide a safe working environment to their employees, and to take all the necessary steps towards maintaining it. If someone is seriously injured at a workplace, the employer will generally be responsible. However, rather than filing a personal injury lawsuit, the employer will instead provide medical treatment and disability wages via a workers compensation case. Workers comp laws are different in each state. If you’re injured on the job, you’ll want to connect with an experienced attorney who can help you navigate the process.

Products Liability

There are a number of ways a product could lead to injury, whether it’s due to an incorrect operation manual or a defective part. It doesn’t matter if a person is injured at home or elsewhere. If injury occurs from a product—including food, drugs, children’s products, and defective vehicle parts—then the business or individual who sold the product is likely responsible.

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