Sorting, Indexing, and Hyperlinking Medical Records

Netmark works with a range of clients, such as law firms and insurance companies, as a professional provider of medical record sorting. For example, in an instance where a legal case arises in relation to some form of medical care, an attorney is often brought in to review the patient’s medical records. Having the medical records professionally sorted is a worthwhile service to the attorney, as it cuts down on their workload allowing them to focus on the relevant information, rather than spending their time searching for it. At Netmark, we use several methods to sort and index medical records, making it easy to look up relevant details quickly and efficiently.

Chronological Sorting

 Most patients will visit multiple doctors throughout their lives. This means that when a patient’s medical records are collected for review, they’re coming from more than one place. Netmark collects all medical records and sorts them chronologically. This makes them easier to follow, and allows the attorney to make sense of the patient’s health care timeline. Most of the time, a client will choose to have their patient’s medical records sorted chronologically.

 Episodal Sorting

 Another way of sorting medical records is to do so episodically. In episodal sorting, the professional medical reviewers at Netmark look for incidents and keywords as requested by the attorney. The reviewers will look through the specified period of a person’s medical history and highlight any occurrence that’s somehow related to what the attorney is investigating. This way of sorting is less common than chronological sorting, but it does provide quick and easy access to important content within the medical records.


 When any client comes to Netmark for help with medical records sorting, they can provide a list of keywords. Even if the sorting is done chronologically, our indexing service will focus on the same keywords that might otherwise be used in episodal sorting. This service provides an intuitive index as a reference point for totality of the medical records so that clients can quickly search for certain terms and keywords.


 Another easy way of navigating through years of medical records is with the Netmark hyperlinking service. This service comes as part of our professionally organized electronic medical records. By creating hyperlinks to various portions of the records we receive, either based on a specific episode or the date and location, we create a simple, organized way for our clients to navigate their way through a patient’s otherwise disorderly medical records.

The team in Netmark is proud to specialize in medical record sorting. We know that our range of services can save our clients both time and money, and that freeing their time means that they can give patients and their cases the attention that they deserve. Trust Netmark to take the burden of sorting and managing records away from you, and allow our team of professional reviewers to work with you on your case. With our tried and true methods, we can provide accessible and navigable records organized in a way that works for you.

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