What is a Plaintiff Fact Sheet

The pharmaceutical field is constantly working to develop new solutions to old problems. New over-the-counter and prescription drugs are being developed all the time. But any new drug comes with risks, and when a massive side effect is made apparent across a large percentage of users, this might result in a class action lawsuit. All of those who have suffered from similar side effects come together to sue the company that created the product in question. Of course, in order to see whether or not an individual is really qualified to participate in the class action suit, their medical records must first be examined.


The Plaintiff Fact Sheet

Enter the attorney who creates the Plaintiff Fact Sheet, a long questionnaire designed to take a survey of an individual’s personal and medical records. This sheet of questions is a necessary step towards discovering whether or not an individual is eligible to participate in the lawsuit. The questionnaire serves as a series of interrogatories in a larger case, making it easier to pose the same questions to the entire large group of people so that the information relevant to the case can be sorted more efficiently.

A Plaintiff Fact Sheet is filled with all kinds of questions, some of which may seem irrelevant or mundane, but all of which are important in understanding whether the individual in question has any major strengths that can be used in the class action lawsuit.

A Plaintiff Fact Sheet is not an optional step in the pursuit of a class action lawsuit. On the contrary, it’s actually a judge decreed need, and an individual can not participate in a class action lawsuit if they have not filled out their own Plaintiff Fact Sheet.


How Netmark Business Services Can Simplify the Process

As a mandatory step in the process, those seeking to earn their share of money from a class action lawsuit will make time to fill out their Plaintiff Fact Sheet. However, this process can be daunting to an individual, particularly one who is unfamiliar with the process. As an attorney, there’s generally no time to assist in the process since there are plenty of other things to be dealt with, such as sorting through completed Plaintiff Fact Sheets.

That’s where a company like Netmark Business Services comes in. An experienced staff is available to help take all patients involved in a class action lawsuit through the relevant Plaintiff Fact Sheet. The process can take as long as four or five hours per patient, but a staff of experts at Netmark Business Services is equipped to help patients work through the Plaintiff Fact Sheet so that they can get any money that’s owed to them through the lawsuit.

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